Fall Season. Its time for large smallmouth and time to target the growing musky population.

This last year the fishing was on fire on Lake Geneva.  The Muskies have been seen on many trips.  Lots of bass.  There were many trips of 50+ bass in one day in the early June time frame.

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Feb 2022

Delavan is at the county ramp.  On Geneva we are at the ramp in Fontana.


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Late May through summer. Its time to switch to Lake Geneva to pull in some bruiser bass and some state record pumpkinseed.  Also there has been Muskies in the new weed growth.

Rapala has added me to their VIP program.  Along with St Croix I am on the best teams in fishing.

I feel so honored to be on the team with the Best Rods On Earth and my favorite lures.

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I supply the rods n reels, and bait.  All St Crox rods

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Early May. Lake Delavan is the hot spot for early season bass bite.  


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Feb 2022


Barb ties the state record with a 9 5/8 slab.